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the confrontation, we'll look at what is at stake. >>> send in the marines -- a new u.s. offensive in afghanistan meets fierce resistance. there is an election coming. >>> a new look at breast cancer, two new studies out. how will that they affect treatment options? >>> back to woodstock -- 40 years later. whatever happened to these two people? where are they now? so tune in, turn on, "nightly where are they now? so tune in, turn on, "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. it's been a long, hot summer for a lot of members of congress who might have just thought they were coming home for a mostly relaxing month-long break. instead a lot of them have been forced to work hard and talk fast. as town meetings in their districts, designed to get in touch with their constituents, have instead become rough outings. yesterday, the president waded in a town meeting of his own. while there were no flared tempers at that particular event, the white house is hoping to temper the talk out there and get a health care reform deal done. we begin tonight with whit
their support that they've given us the years that weve been here. it is just an opportunity for us to show that we care and make sure their children get home safely. [ speaking spanish ] >> he is kind of like a neighborhood hero. >> absolutely. >> was a pillar in this community. >> their son, marcus, was born in 1998 and to the relief of joan's family, the two married in january, 2000. and this is where we would like to have used the words happily ever after but, of course, that's not why we're here. things happened. the first thing was vincent's odd disappearances. >> he would leave for three days. wouldn't say where he was going. he would come back and joannie could not question his whereabouts or who he was with or what he was doing. that behavior was extremely strange. >> they fell out of love, they divorced, they fell in love again, they had a daughter, lindsay. joannie said her brother worked very hard at this. >> joannie wanted her children to have a father. she wantedt to be husband and wife. that was her main concern, that he was really involved in the childrens' life. >> it seeme
department calls the biggest case of hacking and identity theft in u.s. history. >>> brute force. disturbing police dash cam video in minneapolis prompts a federal investigation. >>> and contaminated currency. you won't believe what researchers found on up to 90% of u.s. paper money. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> this is "early today" for tuesday, aun 18th, 2009. good morning, i'm dan kloeffler. today we begin with a credit caper. it is being called the largest case of cyber crime prosecuted in u.s. history. 130 million credit and debit cards stolen over a two-year period. according to police, it was all master-minded by a one-time government innorchlant. 28-year-old albert gonzalez, along with two unnamed accomplices hacked into the databases to steal private customer information. that data was allegedly sold online. gonzalez is already charged in another credit cyber crime and has been in federal custody since 2008. >>> although it was years ago, he cut a deal with the secret service to track down fellow hackers. prosecutors say he returned to that criminal activity, sp
who pulled the baby from that burning car. news4's jackie bensen is live for us in manassas with the latest. what a disturbing story, jackie. >> reporter: the officer told us that baby was a tiny girl. just about 7 months old. ine shs okay and is okay. she was strapped in a car seat. w noe driver of the w understa driver's licenseok rev some time ago. lshe a'so facingll i aegal immigration charges. now we have pictures for you. n't know if you can see em .h they areth pictures ofhe the t t it looked leheik wn a prince williamouolnt pyniciceff oer came upon the scene offf tsh crh on rug by ad, c5:45 this g. olice say the driver accelerated when the officer tried to s htoppim for speedi. e officer followed atlo a sr s speed and encountered a terrible scene. smoking car engine and man trying to stumble away. >> baby in the car. >> reporter: what did you do? >> went and started to try to find where the baby was and get into the car. couldn't get into the driver's side. went around the the passenger's side and able to force the back door open. >> reporter: the driver's hospital
homes that are now 50% off their peaks or even more. >> reporter: the u.s. economy can't rebound without consumer spending and many economists say the consumer can't start spending until the housing market and employment stabilize. that's why retailers earnings reports are so closely watched. u.s. stocks opened higher this morning with better than expected results from some retailers especially discounters. >> value is still important and as a result you are seeing the value retailers gain shares clearly where the demands are. >> reporter: despite positive number it is recession's impact may be felt for some time. leanne gregg, nbc news. >>> the confidence level in the housing industry this month is the miest it has been in more than a year. >>> one lawmaker described him as a washington constitution. robert novak has died today after a long battle with brain cancer. his wife said he died early this morning at his home in washington. novak had been a columnist for the "chicago sun-times" for decades. he became a household name and face as commentator and co-host of cnn's "crossfire." he
into spotsylvania county. anon cctwastn ios scheduled to begin next summer. transportation officials tell us they are putting the plan on hold now because of financial concerns about how to pay for the roads. as well as opposition from some local governments about the impact that they will have on traffic. meanwhile, a reminder for drivers in our area that the school year is just around the corner and that means more cars out on the roads. aaa reminds us to warn drivers to start slowing down now. classes start as early as next week for students in the district. that means slowing down to 15 miles per hour in school zones in d.c. and in maryland, motorists should be aware of the speed camera program that will expand statewide this october. currently only montgomery county us speed cams in school zones and near school property. >> with less an week before school opens in the district, city health officials are stepping up efforts to make sure students have all their require shots. special clinics will be open later this week. tom sherwood joins us with a story. tom? >> the city is doing a lot
. >> we were taken to a location, and when we walked in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> more of their emotional homecoming and details on how it all happened. >>> we're following a developing story. late-breaking details in the deadly shooting at a gym near pittsburgh. what we're learning about the suspect. >>> a bold new positive pofl to reduce the number of teenage std cases about the area. wait until you hear what d.c. schools are talking about doing. news 4 midday starts right now. >>> you're watching nbc 4 live from the leading news station. this is "news 4 midday." >>> good morning. we begin this midday with breaking news. the two american journalists arrested, convicted and sentenced to a labor camp in north korea are finally back on u.s. soil. they arrived in california just about two hours ago after a harrowing journey. brooke hart with the late-breaking details now. >> reporter: journalists laura ling and euna lee touched down on u.s. soil and to the family reunion of their lives. >> we could feel your love all the way in north korea.
cause you to lose your sense of smell? one local man said so. he used zica an over-the-counter product, and those products have caused hundreds of people to lose their sense of smell according to the fda. michael flynn talked to a patient who said he can't smell or taste anymore. >> felt like someone had ignited gasoline in my nostrils. it was awful. >> this 33-year-old sterling resident says that's what happened when he used this zicam nasal cold remedy almost two years ago. since then, he complaints, he hasn't been able to taste or smell anything. >> it's bad. i mean, think about all the things that you smell, you know, day to day that no longer will you ever smell. i mean, rain on the black top smells. >> today, the fda told consumers to stop using the zicam nasal gel sprays and swabs about 130 product users have complained of losing their sense of smell. dr. robert hanken runs the taste and smell clinic in northwest washington. he said more than ten patients make this same complaint. >> it isommon for people to lose their smell with a cold. the role of zicam is unclear. >> hanken a
firings of u.s. attorneys. >>> and playerup. a bench clearing brawl breaks out between the boston red sox a bench clearing brawl breaks out between the boston red sox and the detroit tigers. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm kristen well ger. today we begin with town hall turmoil. with public meetings on the issue of health care across the nation, president obama managed hold a civil meeting on the subject yesterday and used a new spin on his campaign for health care reform. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: president obama went to new hampshire to reform late his health care pitch. it's taken a beating in the latest polls. insurance reform is the new obama spin. >> getting a good deal from the insurance coverers. that's what i'm fighting for. >> reporter: no ban on reexisting conditions. no canceling insurance if you get sick. >> your health insurance should be there for you when it counts. not just when you're paying premiums but when you actually get sick. and it will be when we pass this plan. >> reporter: outside were pro obama d
hillary clinton. feather in the cap for u.s. diplomacy as these two women come home. back to you. >> george, thanks so much. >>> and this morning russia is flexing its military muscle with a highly unusual exercise far closer to washington than to moscow. in a scene straight out of the cold war, the u.s. military sent for days a pair of nuclear submarines have been patrolling over the u.s. earn seaboard. officials say the attaks have not entered u.s. waters or provoked american ships, this activity signals a more aggressive military snce by moscow. experts say it's likely an effort to display its naval strength which has been dramatically diminished since the soviet union's collapse. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> three shocks from a taser were no match for one tennessee suspect. the 300-pound man appeared unphased after an officer tasered him for resisting arrest. he got up and started walking oo away, so another cop shot a taser at him. that didn't phaseerth. despite the man pulling off probes, police eventually took down t
of the investigation. so far officials have only located the helicopter wreckage. >> they're using sonar to locate the airplane. >> reporter: the victims, a pilot and five italian tourists onboard the tour helicopter. on the plane, the pilot and two passengers, including a child. soon after the crash, officials say it was clear no one could have survived. >> this has changed from a rescue to a recovery mission. >> reporter: it was a clear day with flying conditions nearly ideal. investigators say the helicopter, owned by liberty tours, took off from the manhattan heliport. the small plane departed teeth boro airport in new jersey. witnesses say it appeared the plane clipped the hecopter's tail. >> i seen debris come flying down. >> went right in and there was a splash and it was completely submerged and there was nothing else. >> reporter: the ntsb says the pilot of another liberty helicopter refueling at the heliport tried to warn his colleague. he radioed the accident helicopter and told him one lima hotel. you have a fixed wing behind you. there was no response from the pil pilot. >> reporter:
. the storms are not done with us yet. >> for the up-to-the minimum details we head straight to bob in the storm center. what are we going to be getting? >> depends where you are. as we saw today, there was some spots but not much rain. boy, if you were underom oefaw those torrential rains, it was like being under a water fall and you can see how thick the air is. we still have a lot of moisture. here is the area that's still under a flood watch. ed into watch until 2:00 in the morning. there are some flood warnings over there in the eastern shore. for some of those heavy rains. there is a batch and it is not only rain but also thunder once again. moving into southern maryland and moving right through charles county and coming up northern st. mary's county. l of these rains do contain some very, very heavy -- storms do not contain very, very heavy rains. they will be movin through prince george's county. we will keep an eye on things. look at how much rain fell in silver spring. that was just a matter of minutes. over two minutes. over two inches. so when that comes through, it does
by government death panels and that care will be rationed and medicare cutlandol drs dollars used to fund abortion. are those true or false? >> in general, false. >> reporter: lori robertson from nonpartisan fatcheck.org. >> just hope that people would say well, wait a minute, that doesn't sound quite right. let me look into that a little more. >> reporter: many americans are angry about the recession and all of the bailouts and big government. >> it's housewives and it is bus drivers and it is plumbers and people with real jobs who just feel like things are out of control in washington. >> reporter: factcheck.org says president obama is untruthful when he says health care reform will be paid for when, in fact, the plan is a work in progress and who pays is not yet settled. one way to get passed the myths is to go to the websites fatcheck.org. they are now tral and nonpartisan. steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. >> a live update from senator cardin's town hall meeting in hagerstown coming up on "news4 at 5:00." >>> a man was hit and killed by a metro train this morning. it happened at
journalists are home after being set free by a north korean dictator and flown home by a former u.s. president who traveled halfway around the world to get them. it was an emotional homecoming in california for laura ling and euna lee as we learn more tonight now about how this all came together. we begin our coverage this evening with nbc's george lewis. >> reporter: free at last. the two journalists briefly savoring their return to america this morning, before being mobbed by their families. a poignant moment as euna lee's husband michael saldote, and 4-year-old daughter hannah held on to one another for dear life. and a big hand for the former president who secured the release of the two women after five months in captivity. >> we feared that at any moment we could be sent to a hard labor camp. when we walked through the doors we saw standing before us president bill clinton. we were shocked but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> reporter: throughout the journalists' 140-day ordeal, the families of laura ling and euna lee held vi
with completing his mission of mercy. the two u.s. journalists were pardoned just hours after bill clinton arrived in north korea.white house still won't call it official. but the former president is clearly on a mission blessed by the obama administration. hillary clinton, the secretary of straight, has been demanding that north korea release u.s. journalists laura ling and euna lee sentenced by the north koreans in june to 12 years for illegal entry. in a statement, their families said they're overjoyed and counting the seconds to hold laura and yuna in our arms. free position the two was the main mission, but talks were wide ranging. and clinton got a meeting with kim jong-il. when clinton was president, former president jimmy carter went to north korea hnd helped cut a nuclear weapons ban. the deal slowly fell apart. two months ago, the north tested a nuclear with that. can clinton help now? >> possibly he'll be back with a message that says they're ready to talk to us. that's about all we can expect. >> reporter: but the north koreans have notched a win. >> they're able to have a big missile
a piece of equipment that is used to repair some track hit the employee. we're told that the metro worker s been air lifted to the hospital with serious injuries, orange line service between vienna and west falls church has been suspended. shuttle buses are being used to get riders to their stops. we'll update you on that story soon we learn more. >>> back to our top story. the hot waseather. how hot are we talking for tomorrow, first of all? >> it's going to be hotter than today, that's first and foremost. in fact, tomorrow could be a record-breaking temperature day. the record high for tomorrow at reagan national is 98 degrees. and we are going to be very close. but the fact is, the humidity is what will make it feel that much worse. so today we hit 96 degrees. that is a warm one. 97 down in richmond. right now we're down to 85. so it is really warm out there at 11:00 in the evening. dewpoints are in the upper 60s. so it's really humid. now, because of the combination, tomorrow the weather service, and i also think that it's going to feel like easily 100 degrees. possibly up to about 10
i know all this math. why i do have to know how to read? when am i going to use science? when you start flying, it makes sense. >> reporter: kimberly also hopes continue to speier other teens to reach for the stars. she wants to be a heart surgeon. >> i want them to believe in themselves that they can do anything that they want to do as long as they put their mind to it. >> reporter: jane latrell, news 4. >> kimberly also carried messages of hope on her cross country trek. the messages are being delivered to foster children. >>news 4 is also keeping track of jobs for new the area. and this report focuses on a company that is opening for caregivers for patients helping those near the end of their lives. kimberly souter talked to sisters who are inspired to start a business on their last day of their mother's life. >> reporter: she was 77 years old, dying of cancer. and to the grandkids, all 17 of them, she was mia. >> the first day in the hospital she said the walls are closing in on me. i can't stay here. >> reporter: the walls like most medical facilities, needed cheer. so mia's
have been griping about some time. derek ward joins us live with the story. d derek? >> four people were injured before 4:00 p.m. three victims lived down the street. they have all been hospitalized including a 12-year-old fighting for his life. police say the vw passat driver and three passengers was stopped at ridge road and morning star drive. the driver, 20-year-old kapur was northbound attempting to make a left turn on to morningstar when the ford work truck came up from behind. after the in pact both vehicles ended up beyond the intersection in the southbound lane. >> we're fortunate that somebody traveling in the other direction didn't become involved in this collision. >> it's sad. very sad. crying. the driver was crying. >> residents of the community say sadly not the first serious accident here. >> three accidents here within the last two years. and two buses over there have not. this year. and we have one a couple years ago. >> those with driveways who faced the heavily traveled road say it can be a frightening experience coming and going. >> near misses every time. you t
will be rationed and medicare cuts and tax dollars used to fund abortion. >> are those true or are those false sf. >> in general, false. >> reporter: lori robertson from nonpartisan factchekt.org. >> hope people would say wait a minute, that doesn't sound quite right. let me look into that a little more. >> reporter: many americans are angry about the recession and all of the bailouts and big government. >> it is housewives and it is bus drivers and it is plumbers and people with real jobs that just feel like things are out of control in washington. >> reporter: fatcheck.org says president obama is untruthful when he says health care reform will be paid for when the plan is a work in progress and who pays is not yet settled. one way to get past the myths is to go to the website. fatcheck.org. politifact.com. both organizations say they are neutral and nonpartisan. wendy, back to you. >> steve handelsman. >>> it was a celebration at that time white house in honor of the newest supreme court justice. president barack obama introduced justice sonia sotomayor in the east room this morning to thundero
for bringing us the breaking story. >>> several kids are recovering from minor injurieses. the bus hit an suv around 10:30 this morning at intersection of maple road west and courthouse road. the young students all between the ages of 5 and 7 were participating a fairfax county summer program. five of the kids were taken to the hospital. police are citing the suv 18-year-old for failing to yield. >>> chaos inside a pittsburgh health club. fourtdasig l n ihtnie d a last o ootingidens ie l.a. l.a. fitness club .ub pocepo say 48ear-old george sodini is the one who opened fire there. he killed three women and injured nine others before turning the gun on himself. the police now say the attack appeared to be carefully planned. >> he had practice runs at the l.a. fitness center. he had been there before. yesterday it showed he was there three times starting at 11:40 something in the morning. >>> they say last night's shooting wasn't his first attempt to attack the jim. >>> three frederick county teenagers have been charged with vandalizing the football field. police say they have admitted to burnin
areas west of winchester and front royal and that's the line that could be on top of us by 7:00, 7:30. let me show you earlier today. it was just pouring some spots across the area. we have heavier rain. came through our area. all parts between -- one continuous line stretching from areas around howard county through montgomery and fairfax and areas south. reduced visibility. there's some spots around here like rockville, maryland. and that picked up close to two inches of rainfall y.toda ndea rn we didn't have the widespread severe thunderstorm warnings across the area is because the tops were too low with these. here's the thing. we were under severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 p.m. you can see how the areas shade way back on the last frame. al variety, st. mary's and parts of the northern neck now. that really is it. plenty of lightning in those spots. curve enly hanging on. >> dale city, mt. vernon, showers moving through. let me take you to the echo path. this is what the future will be bringing us. 5:30, i-81, move coming through. late 7:00, more showers and possibly isolat
credit card theft in u.s. history. >>> columnist and tv commentator robert novak died this morning here in washington. >>> we begin tonight with news out of northeast d.c. where they found a body inside of a pizza shop this afternoon at a restaurant that had been set on fire. good evening. i'm jim vance. at y bth wodouasnd f at at body was found atza piz ma t prt mart at frtee sttr izms seet se bckenn oisnhe jackie bensen is on the s on th >> reporter: news that an employee had been found dead, murdered, inside the pizza mart here at fourth and adams street northeast has sent shock waves through the neighborhood just off rhode island avenue northeast. right now, police are looking into the possibility that the man was murdered last night. and not discovered until officers were sent to check on his welfare about 1:00 this afternoon. the thing that has investigators somewhat puzzled at this point is that police tell us the restaurant was locked uptight when the first officers arrived and they had to force entry inside and neighbors tell us they are very upset about this. >> very nice man
to find new leaders, if we can do so, to replace a man who occupied that space all by himself. >> you use the word leader. not only was h a person who believed very strongly in his principles, but he was able to get things done in accordance with those principles, i a s gu a u'sthes tatarhema erkf leader. what w the qtyli that you think was -- that made him so etole g t hings done? >> now you're talking about the kennedy magic. here was a man firmly planted on the left. and yet, this is the same man who was more successful than any other. in creating an agreement and a consensus to bring those issues home. if he were there now, health care would not be in the frenzied state it is. we want to d t remember tne to edkey.nnkenn we ought to pass this billvegiem niveng meaning to s ttuhenareig ltsue of his life, hh eareca for the nation. >> well, congress woman eleanor holmes norton. thank you so much for talking with us on this day. thank you. >> of course. bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >>> ted kennedy spent more than half of his life as a member of the u.s. senate. he left a memorable mark on his cou
megan mcgrath is joining us live from capitol hill with reaction. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, eun. the death of senator edward kennedy having a huge impact here on capitol hill. only two other u.s. senators have served longer than kennedy. he was a man with tremendous influence. he was also very well liked and respected by his colleagues, all of his colleagues, although he was known as the liberal lion of the senate, senator kennedy had no problem reaching across the aisle. he worked with conservatives, moderates and liberals alike. we are getting reaction this morning regarding his death. senate majority leader harry reid says, quote, it was the thrill of my work with ted kennedy. he was a friend, the model of publ servin a amendncari a icon. as we mourn his loss, with rededicate himself to theau cses to which cifut dlyul dutifully feiflis . senate kennedy stands wlihit th most patriotic men and wichl women t erve ser in these lls. s nancyi posil says he had a grand orvi fs america and an inparalleled work for change. he had deep concern for the least among us. no on
. the money will be used to improve infrastruck fur for trains to travel up to 95 miles per hour along o interstaid 95. it would run between peetdersburg and the district. >>> a memorable night for paul mccartney. it caused some to miss the show. there weren't any accidents or problems. it was just the sheer volume of traffic that caused the backup. it was comparable to that of a redskins home game. one limo driver expressed his frustration. >> a true night mair. people were driving me crazy to get here. go around, go up the shoulder, go up the other shoulder, do this, do that. >> well rs we were told the concert was great and mccartney even add addpecial song to the area.as was a song that micheld the president would want to sing for someone in his e. wusho us >>> for some students in our tho e,uswo schools in arilendxaae, run on a modifiedenal cdaada whh puts kids back inhen t classroot nd early bright a tomorrow morning e students a inla css nine week and then have a break for about three weeks. >>> a frightening fall for a philadelphia teenager as he drove his father's kaur off the
today. tracoryee wilkins joins us live. >> reporter: this is the second largest school system in maryland. and in addition to focusing on the classroom, school owe officials are also focusing on the transportation that gets the little ones there. these are not the nervous ones here. >> i cried at the house. we both did. >> reporter: this is giving former six graders two more years in the elementary buildings before moving to high school. >> it will be teresting. i experienced leaving middle school and going to high school, and it was more exciting. we will see how it goes. >> one of the things we noticed, if you reduce the number of transitions, when a child moves from one school to another, you are more apt to address the needs of that young person. >> the doctor here is serving his first year at the school system. he still faces a number of hurdles as it continues to rate among the lowest performing school systems in the nation. >> we need to increase the achievements of our students. >> they plan to increase safety and accountability on school buses. there is a new card swi
we'll be back in about 25 minutes for a loc news update. join us again at 9:00 for a full hour of local news, sports, weather, >>> good morning. breaking news. mystery solved. the long-awaited answer. what happened to a navy pilot who disappeared during the first gulf war? >>> inside look at the room where michael jackson died. a british tabloid says it's got the photo of what detectives saw at the scene. >>> and showdown. after an olympic photo finish, michael phelps gets back if the water for a rematch with a trash-talking rival. we will show you how it all ended, today, sunday, august 2, we will show you how it all ended, today, sunday, august 2, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone, welcome to today on this sunday morning, i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolf. it has been a mystery for 18 years, what happened to navy pilot scott speicher? >> a long time it was feared he was maybe capture iraqi forces. last heard from while flying a combat mission over iraq in the gulf war. now, the defense department is confirming they have found and
obama ever give us an abe lincoln. for good and ill, how would history be different today if tv images had not made michael dukakis the object of ridicule and if chase had not lamb popped ford as a klutz. and teddy, truics watched him, gradually got to know him. his fears and his real concerns for others. what i discovered about the inner world of the last kennedy. i'm chris matthews. welcome. >> michele norris hosts "all things considered. bill plant from the "cbs news." and andrea mitchell covers foreign affairs for abc and howard fineman is with us. television now nonstop is a vehicle that gives us the news of the day and in many ways, it is what makes leaders and demolishes and defines the losers. television has changed history because turning points have been played and replayed and now on the internet. let's look at how things have changed in the last 60 years. communism was at one time the number one fear. tv fed that fear but also destroyed the fear amongerer. it brought live hearings into the living room. here's what the lucky few that had tv, joseph mccarthy painting someone
owner. jackie benson joins us live with detail jackie? >> the victim has been identified by police as 44-year-old of silver spring. he is believed to be the owner of the pizza business. the murder discovered 1:00 p.m. when d.c. police officers were called to check on the welfare of an employee at pizza mart. 4th and adam street in edgewood neighborhood. police say the business was locked up when they arrived. the first responding officers had to force their way in. it appears the man may have been killed the previous evening. >> we received a call 1:00. we do know it was open on a midnight shift last night. the last information we have. >> homicide detectives blanketed the area looking for information. the business has been for sale for some time. edgewood community activist call the crime tragic and set back for a changing neighborhood. >> it is horrific to live like this. that's what people are going to say. >> we have had violence many years. and this struck us hard to the core. to have, assassinations like this, it's going on. pizza mart customers we spoke to say they're saddened by
taking care of last-minute preparations. "news 4's" jane watrel joining us now with more on this story. jane, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. roy an exciting place this is this morning. people are beautifying this school and hundreds of others around the city and joining me now is chancellor michelle rhee. this has to be kind of a fun thing as chancellor to go around and see all this. >> it is. it's very fun. every weekend before the beginning of school we have beautification day. so this is the third one since i've been in office. and it's really exciting. because i think it just gets everybody really pumped up. we invite the community in so that everybody in the neighborhood, whether they have children or not knows that monday is the first day of school. and as you can see from the folks here at tubman, we have a lot of people volunteering. >> reporter: yeah. i'm told up to 100. now, what does this do for the morale of the students to see the flowers and have the clean schools? is that all part of it? >> oh, absolutely. when i talk to kids about coming to school,
will start to climb with the southerly winds, at the moment on digital doppler all is quiet, most of us staying dry. we have clouds sitting on top of us, so a mix of sun and clouds for this afternoon, but nonetheless, quite warm with temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90. by the time we get to monday, temperatures near 100 degrees, very h stuff. it's about time, it is summer. eun, back to you for the news. >>> thank you, steve. history is happening today, first hispanic supreme court justice will be sworn in. sonia sotomayor will take the oath twice, in a private ceremony with only her family and then a public ceremony. she will take her seat on the high court in september, when the justices convene for a special meeting. >>> the family ofunice kennedy shriver is gathered at her hospital this morning. the 88-year-old sister of president john f. kennedy has been hospitalized for about a week. california governor, arnold schwarzenegger, who is married to shriver's daughter, maria, is also said to be by her side. she's said to be in critical condition at a massachusetts hospital. shri
will be the next supreme court justice, the u.s. senate today confirmed judge sonia sotomayor as the first hispanic justice on the supreme court. only the third female justice in all of u.s. history. she is all but officially on the court. that comes with a swearing-in ceremony saturday. first came today's history-making vote. approving the nominee as it turns out by a comfortable margin. we begin here tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams at the supreme court building. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, judge sotomayor watched the vote at the federal courthouse in new york about half an hour away from the public housing project where she grew up. and around the country hispanic groups were celebrating. sotomayor! sotomayor! sotomayor! >> reporter: huge cheers in los angeles where hispanic supporters joined to watch the historic senate vote. here and at similar gatherings around the country pride in having a supreme court justice from the nation's fastest growing minority, now 15% of the population. >> i was just so elated, thrilled. i had to jump up. this was a moment we have b
to recover. >>> the search for chemical weapons in a northwest d.c. neighborhood is on holdor now. the u.s. army corps of engineers stopped its search for world war i munitions in the spring valley neighborhood. after a worker digiscovered an ith a c werh a mustard agent. the discovery was made last week at a vacant home behind american university's campus. the school was once used to develop and test chemical weapons during world war i. workers have been searching for munitions for a number of years now but it is unclear when or if further excavation will take ace. >>> still no cause yet to a fire that damaged this home in white oak today. firefighters were called to a home on symphony woods drive this morning. when they arrived they found flames shooting from the back of the house. three propane tanks that were in the back were on fire. the flames quickly spread to the second floor andatic of the house and no one washurt. firefighters rescued three pets from the burning home. >>> the dogs that attacked and killed a young man in leesburg have been put to sleep. loudoun county animal contr
follow. police tell us what their investigation has uncovered so far. >> we found a box of documents containing over 60 files, all related to prearranged funeral services. and we at this point have confirmed victims representing over $90,000 where their money was not going into an escrow account as is legally required. >> are you mr. bailey? i'm chris gordon from channel 4 news. i'm doing a story on the funeral contracts that you sold and wanted to ask you, is the money still available to service these people if they should die and need a funeral? >> at this time, i don't have any comment and i'm referring all of my questions to my attorney mark gardner at this time. >> reporter: will these people get the funerals they paid for in. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: you can guarantee that? >> i'm not answering any other questions at this time. >> reporter: the investigation began when a 72-year-old woman who had bought a pre-need funeral read a newspaper account saying that funeral homeowner ambrose bailey has been charged with forging doctor's signatures on death certificates. the woman ctac
's suffering from terminal prostate cancer and he's asking to return to libya to die near his family. seven u.s. senators, including edward kennedy, have sent scottish authorities a letter demanding that he remain in prison. he was convicted of planting the bomb that caused the crash of pan am flight 103 in december of 1988. most of the passengers on that flight from london to new york were americans. 270 people in all were killed. >>> a soldier from virginia has been killed in afghanistan. sergeant first class william woods jr. was from chesapeake. woods died on sunday at a hospital in germany. he was shot two days earlier while on patrol in afghanistan. he was based in maryland. he was 31 years old. >>> the final equipment and battles are being delivered to most remote corners of afghanistan for use in tomorrow's presidential elections. the materials are delivered by truck as far as the roads go and then put on donkeys for the rest of the journey. the contest is between current president karzai the foreign minister. the strategy is to build alliances with tribal leaders. abdullah has been pro
, massachusetts. during his nearly five decades on capitol hill, kennedy served alongside ten u.s. presidents vigorously championing causes such as health care and civil rights, earning him the nickname the lion of the senate. michelle franzen has our report. >> reporter: good evening. short time ago senator john kerry, who just left the kennedy compound, came out to give a statement. he said that the family is having, obviously, a difficult time today but they are pulling together and holding a private vigil tonight. this compound served as a retreat and at age 77, senator nnedy was the patriarch of a dynamic family dynasty that captured america's attention for more than a half century. tributes poured in today for a towering figure in american politics. s are zpents visitors in hyannis port left flowers for senator kennedy near the family compound. a summer haven, now in grief, along with the nation. >> regardless of what people thought about ted's political ideas, they are going to hurt. because they lost a gat guy. >> reporter: at the family compound, a steady stream of family members. ke
and now authorities say they know why. megan mcgrath joins us live where a news conference just wrapped up. >> reporter: firefighters say that 80% of the first floor was fully engulfed by flames when they aived on the scene. this was a very, very large house. so this was a huge job from the get go. then fire crews arrived and tried to hook up to the hydrants. they could not get water on to the fire. and as they struggled, the home continued to burn. so what happened? the city released a preliminary report. we some have some answers. a 75-year-old corroded water pipe, that's what was servicing the fire hydrants in the neighborhood and that pipe and the inability to get enough water is one of the major factors that thwarted efforts to put out a massive fire. >> not only has it been here probably since the homes were of a much different size, but it is also probably of significant corrosion to have a tremendous impact on the amount of gallons that can be pumped through the pipes. >> reporter: according to a preliminary report released by the city, the two hydrants closest to the home pumped 3
with a burial here in arlington national cemetery. megan mcgrath joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: senator edward kennedy will be buried with congressional honors saturday evening. an army firing party will fire a volley and a bugler will play "taps" during the ceremony. visitors will be able to go to arlington. it will be open on saturday. but they will be kept away from the kennedy burial site. he was a son o massachusetts. but the liberal lion spent much of his time at his second home here in washington. ted kennedy's years in the senate along with his two years in the army qualify him for burial at arlington national m cemetery much his grave expected to be 95 feet south wrf the eternal flame burns in memory of john f. kennedy. also buried at the site, brother robert. >> the hope rises again. >> reporter: while ted kennedy spent much of his life in the public eye, his burial service will be private with only family and friends in attendance. visitors wishing to see other parts of the cemetery will be able to do so but will be kept site. and robert e. lee house on the hill al
the senate confirmed sotomayor to the u.s. supreme court. >> her nomination passed by a vote of 68-31, making her the first hispanic justice to serve on the high court. steve handelsman joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: thanks. good afternoon. the outcome of this sotomayor confirmation vote was not in doubt, but this was still dramatic in the u.s. senate. >> mr. gregg, aye. >> reporter: the final vote looked like history in the making. senator stint to say yay or nay. raised poor in new york, parents from puerto rico, brilliant student, prosecutor and federal judge for 17 years. nominated by president obama, sotomayor will be the first hispanic to sit on the supreme court. every democrat heaped on praise. >> judge sotomayor is clearly a moderate. she is highly qualified. she is extremely intelligent, and she represents the american ideal that at the end of the day race and ethnicity and class aren't supposed to predetermine anything. >> reporter: nine republicans voted yes. >> judge sotomayor's decisions are not outside the legal mainstream. >> reporter: most republicans
firefighters find several dozens snakes inside a home today when they respond to a call. >>> the u.s. senate this afternoon voted to confirm sonja sotomayor as the first hispanic justice of the u.s. supreme court. she is now poised to become that first latina to ever hold that position. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. jim and doreen are off this evening. tomorrow with a deadline, the senate is racing to complete other action, as well. >> reporter: good evening. up here on the hill today, the outcome of the sotomayor confirmation balloting was not in doubt, but this was still dramatic in the senate. the final vote looked like history in the making. senators standing to say yes or no. >> the yays are 68 and the nays are 31. >> reporter: confirmed as a supreme court justice sonja sotomayor 57, raised poor in new york, parents from puerto rico, a brilliant student, a prosecutor, a federal judge for 17 years. nominated by presidentobama, sotomayor will be the first has panic to sit o the supreme court. every democrat heaped on praise. >> she is extremely intelligent and she represents the am
on a bright sunny day. nbc's jeff rossen is on the story for us again this evening. he joins us from hoboken on the new jersey side of the river with the latest. jeff? >> reporter: lester, good evening to you. along the hudson river on the jersey side, and it's been tough for investigators and drivers today because the wreck tge itself keeps moving around under the water. the current is strong. they need that debris to recon struget the accident and put all this together. tonight investigators are using side scan sonar equipment and they're making progress. in the shadow of the empire state building, the grim search for bodies and debris. investigators recovered both today. more victims pulled from the hudson, along with a charge chunk of theightseeing helicopter. lifted to the surface with a giant crane. >> the helicopter sustained significant damage. they are going to be conducting further examination of the wreckage to determine what pieces might be missing. >> reporter: we're learning more about the midair collision and how it happened. the crash that killed nine people leaving debris sc
thing there as they could use a little bit more rain across parts of the parched southeast as we head on through the next couple of days. but as you mentioned, that's not the only game in town. we aotieav t hcaropil depressioo an ana which was a trocam,l stor and we have tropical storm bill tbend whistt,hahich it, the bir system and the one we're really most worried about. it could easily become a hurricane here within the next 12 to 24 hours. now, the news with ana is that it will probably weaken and stay a tropical depression or even less as it moves into the caribbean. however, bill, even though it may become a hurricane and a fairly potent hurricane, right now the indications are it could stay off shore of the east coast. that's what our latest computer models are telling us, but we can't let our guard down. from the middle 6 august into the middle of september, that is the middle of the hurricane season, and so claudette is just a reminder of what things can do this time of the year. lester? >> jeff morrow in florida. we'll stay in close contact with you and all our colleagues at
exchange to start us off here tonight. erin, good evening. >>> good evening, brian. this jobs' number was really a test for both wall street and for main street. consumer confidence has been ticking up a little bit as of late. and stocks are up 50% from their lows in march. but all of that was based on hope that the recession is actually ending. >> reporter: with more than 14.5 million americans out of work, president obama is not ready to declare victory just yet. >> we have a lot further to go. as far as i'm concerned we will not have a true recovery as long as we are losing jobs. >> reporter: today's jobs jo report showed that at least the country bsjoore slowly. the average monthly job loss for the past three months was 331,000, roughly half the drop recorded in the previous six months. while manufacturers continue to struggle, laying off 52,000 workers in july, that's the smallest decline in a year. automobile manufacturing actually added 28,000 jobs as car makers reopened plants. another bright spot, health care. up 17,000. still, the drop in the unemployment rate may not be som
supported statehood from the very beginning. he believed in us. he said that d.c. should not be the nation's last colony. >> reporter: jenkins walked up to kennedy and barack obama last year at american university. >> and i went right up to them and they -- informed me enthusiasticallyhat yes, we support full statehood. >> we will hear more about local people who fell the kennedy impact right here in the nation's capital. wendy, back to you. >> tom sherwood, thanks, tom. >>> senator kennedy was a true champion of health care. one of his life's long goals was to achieve universal health care for america. a goal he would never see completed. it was one year ago that he spoke about that at the democratic national convention. >> and this is the cause of my life. new hope. that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every american, north, south, east, west, young, old will have decent quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege. >> kennedy's colleagues and congress continue to grapple with what the late senator called the cause of his life. and lawmakers are saying
morning, everyone. welcome. we are very happy you are with us today. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith garvin in for joe krebs. here's a live look outside washington, d.c. >> it looks beautiful out there. we'll talk to tom to see if we'll have post card weather for july. >> we have a chance for afternoon thundershowers and it is humid this morning. e h aad e aofad sh inngn oup showing radar. no precipitation around the region. 74 in washington. the eastern shore themi 7 d-0. ts he mountains.umid, but you ,id but you can he tud c the clouds on the incr with thelo blips of i southern sthern west virgini waou snerit west virgini er thundowowers. no thundheow e showers could be movin o tr bmeeaartoy metro area by early rnteafoon. then maybe some passing thundershowers by tintotehis e. evs g.ouin about a 60% chance. otheisose,60 m ay m cloudy day with highsea rching the upper 80s. the sunrise would be at 6:13 and the sunset at 8:15. we could have continuing pasng showers through the evening. then by this time tomorrow morning, perhaps lingering showers south and east of washington as we
. we have a rather nice summer day underway. puffy clouds up above us right now. tom will join us now to tell us what we can expect for us and for tonight's redskins game. >> hey, tom, good morning again. >> delightful summer day underway, air not too humid. just a few clouds floating through. by kickoff tonight, in baltimore for skins and ravens at 7:30, temperatures should be in the upper 70s and shouldn't be too humid. looks like a good night for football, partly cloudy through the game. just a small chance of an isolated thundershower perhaps around the region by early evening. th by later in the ening things should improve. right now temperature 81 in washington. we're in the upper 70s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince george's county. farther to our west, in the mid 70s. mid an upper 70s around the bay. current dew points are in the 60s. not too humid. just slightly humid on the eastern shore. temperatures in the upper 70s now. it is more humid there as well as southeastern virginia and the outer banks. lower humidity out in the mountains where they're still in the co
. craig melvin joins us from starbucks on capitol hill where the bernankes' story begins to unfold. >> reporter: earlier this week it was announced he would stay on as fed chief. around the same time some documents began to surface details how bernanke's wife stop at this starbucks became part of a complex and elaborate scheme. >> our assessment is for slower growth but positive growth into next year. >> reporter: last fall while fed chairman ben bernanke was trying to figure out how best to resuscitate an ailing economy he was dealing with money issues at home. around 11:20 in the morning on august 7, 2008 as his wife sat at a table inside this starbucks on capitol hill, someone swiped her purse off the paback of her chair. inside the purse her wallet, credit cards and money, and social security card examine checks. six days later $900 went missing from ben and anna bernanke's account. while it's not known how much the thieves stole from the fed chief and his wife, investigators believe it's merely a drop in the bucket. here's a look at the scope of the scheme. they say the 89 kno
officer. jackie benson joins us from rockville. jackie. >> the allegations are disturbing. the veteran montgomery county fire fighter was arrested in the parking lot of the shopping center in gaithersburg. documents allege that he agreed to meet there and pay $150 f sex to a person he contacted through an ad in the adult services section of craigslist. a female montgomery county police officer went on the internet using classified for sale and social networking sites to post advertisements as though she were a 16-year-old girl placing an ad for prostitution. >> it iscourt documents allege used county e-mail address. fire chief richard bower tells news 4 he took action after being notified of the july 20th arrest. >> i was fully aware of the situation yes. as a result of that i took an action which placed the individual oleechavhi wsai i pd eav which is paid leaveet a meis a >> news 4 spoke to the lieutenant's eatec declined add specceicexos tpt sn i t her ient22s rsea yn i the fire and i rescue service he gained respect from colleaguegreat reputation. gr eat reputation. he the last
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